GIFT! As a gift, we will also send you a version of the image with a transparent background for free. The event is limited in time.

Portrait - good fairy

Magical fairy :-)

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Original paintings
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Original portrait from your photograph - a fairy who will grant your wishes? :-) Who is the good fairy in your life? Is it your partner, mother, friend, or maybe a colleague from work? This is an excellent gift that can make the recipient feel like a magical fairy.

Our talented graphic designer will take the face from the photo you provide and create a professional project for you. Once you approve it, we will send you the masterpiece in high resolution. Format 4:5 (portrait orientation).

We will send you the final image in electronic form. Why in electronic form and what are the advantages?


  1. You can use our digital image as many times as you want - do you want to get a picture for your wall? Put the picture on a mug? On a T-shirt? On a puzzle, print stickers, or maybe a diploma? Sure, as you wish! Your options with this electronic image are unlimited :-)
  2. It's ready for printing. You can promptly send it to the printing service of your choice, of which there are many online (or choose our partner and get a discount) and have the picture made for your wall or other products of your choice.
  3. Speed - once the design is approved, you'll have it in a flash. You won't have to wait for carriers; it's immediately available to you - on your PC, mobile, or tablet. You can even proudly share it on social media right away.
  4. Free shipping - who wouldn't love it :-)


Examples of using our digital image:

  • Image for the wall (Order your image HERE - 30% discount (20% + 10%))
  • Photo mug (Order your mug HERE - 20% discount)
  • T-shirt with custom print (Order your shirts HERE - 20% discount)
  • Kayaking shirts with custom print (Order your shirts HERE - 20% discount)
  • Pillow with a custom photo (Order your pillow HERE - 20% discount)
  • Phone case with a custom photo (Order your case HERE - 10% discount)
  • Metal plaque with a custom photo (Order your metal plaque HERE - 20% discount)
  • Photo puzzle (Order your puzzle HERE - 20% discount)
  • Mouse pads (You can order them HERE - 20% discount)
  • Clocks with a custom photo (You can order them HERE - 20% discount)
  • Original gift for a wedding anniversary
  • Original birthday gift for mum, dad, friends, colleagues, etc.
  • Christmas gift
  • Team shirts - each with the likeness of its wearer.
  • Bachelor/bachelorette party gift

Discounts can be applied after purchasing our digital image. You will receive all discount codes by email along with the image.

Did you not find something from our selection of images? Do you want something different? Different dimensions, any modifications? Write to us, and we will create an image according to your preferences. You can contact us HERE.

Would you like to make a larger order, perhaps for a whole group of people? Write to us, and we will give you a price :-)



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