GIFT! As a gift, we will also send you a version of the image with a transparent background for free. The event is limited in time.



1. How long will it take for my order to be processed?

We usually process your order within 24 hours of payment (on weekdays).


2. Will you handle my order even on the weekend?

We usually have a laptop and other necessary things with us even on the weekend, so if the customer needs it, we can process the order even on the weekend (just contact us with this request).


3. Glasses in my photo. Do you mind?

Glasses are usually not a problem.


4. What about the beard, how about it?

 Beards are also not a problem :-)


5. I did not find an image that interested me. I would like something else.

No problem, write us your requirements and we will create a few proposals for you so that the result is according to your ideas. Want a different royal portrait look? Older or younger character? Do you want a viking, a superhero, a pirate or a knight? Let us know and we'll figure something out together.


6. Is it possible to put an animal head in the picture?

No, only human faces.


7. There are multiple characters in my photo, but I only want to use one face.

Not a problem. Please tell us which face to use in the order note.


8. Can you get more different faces into the pictures?

Yes, we can.


9. What quality photo do I have to send?

The better, the better. Feel free to send multiple photos and we will choose the most suitable one.


10. Will I be satisfied with the result?

We strongly believe so. Before completing your order, we will send you a proposal (or several proposals) and after your confirmation that everything is in order, we will send you the final product.


11. Can I return the product within 14 days?

As this is a digital product, it cannot be returned. We do believe in the honesty of people, but it would be the same principle as reading a book and then returning it. After your final confirmation of satisfaction and shipment of the product, it cannot be returned.


12. What if I am not satisfied with any design?

If we cannot find a common way to a result that you will be really satisfied with, we will of course return the entire payment to you without further ado.


13. Is shipping really free for everything?

Yes, since we create original digital products that we send to you by mail, there is no need to pay postage, even if you are on the other side of the world.


14. Why don't you produce physical images, but only digital ones?

That is a good question. We could create and send you a physical image, but you would have "only" one product - one image and that would be the end of it. When we send you a digital image, it has many advantages for you:

  • you can have it made into multiple physical products (picture, t-shirt, mug, diploma, put it as wallpaper on your PC/mobile/tablet, etc.).
  • at other e-shops, we have arranged for you discounts on physical products (links can be found for all products).
  • you can use it in a flash and with free shipping.
  • if your physical product is destroyed, you still have the digital one and can use it again.
  • you can make an NFT out of it.
  • we are professionals in digital images and we leave physical products to professionals in the field. This guarantees the quality of the result.


15. Will you send me a physical image or another physical product?

No, we only create digital images and for each of our products you will find links to friendly websites where you can order physical products (images, t-shirts, mugs, etc.) with the print you get from us in the form of a digital image at a discount.


16. I bought a digital image from you. How can I apply discounts on physical products?

After purchase, you will receive a digital image in high quality by email, including links to friendly websites and discount codes for these websites. Just click through to the website of your choice and enter the correct discount code in the order.


17. When I want to buy a physical image or other physical product, do I have to choose a website that you offer?

Not at all, you can choose anyone else. We only offer the possibility of using a discount code that we have negotiated for you with some sellers. However, the choice is only yours whether you use it or choose someone else. You are not limited in your choice.


Did you have a question that you couldn't find an answer to? Don't be afraid to write/call us. We will be happy to answer you :-)





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